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Sara Benson:  Our precious little Scooter had an abusive history and was not friendly with other dogs when  we firstgot him at 16 months old.  His separation anxiety was so severe that he would bite and scratch at his dog carrier at home until he bled.  Poor guy :-(  We decided to enroll him at doggy daycare to help with his anxiety and socialize him a bit while we were at work.  Most day cares either did not let the dogs out enough, didn't seem to really care, or they would not accept Scooter because of his behavior.  We were SO HAPPY to find the Pet Shack Resort!  Leslie and her team always put the best interest of the "residents"first.  They let the dogs out more often than any other competitor, keep a very clean and friendly environment, and best of all, they always give our Scooter the TLC he needs.  We have seen huge improvements in his anxiety and socialization since he started at The Pet Shack Resort.  There is no one else we would trust our little Scooter with when we are gone.  We've even successfully moved from daycare to some overnight boarding when we need it.  We never thought that would be possible.  Thank you, Pet Shack!  We are so happy we found you! :-)


S. F. :  Here's the story:  Mom is house-sitting/pet sitting for the sister in Dayton.  I'm in Cleveland at work and I get a call from some random dude who says he's at the dog park with my mom  and that she fell and hurt her back.  The squad takes mom to the ER and the dog park dude takes Sloopy (the Bull-Terrier) to the Pet Shack Resort.

Long story has manged to fracture her spine due to a mishap of trying to kick the ball for the dogs at the dog park and the Bull Terrier getting excited and knocking into mom for what ends up similar to a Charlie Brown moment where she misses the ball and lands on her butt.  I fly down (and by fly, I mean speed in my little Corolla) to Dayton as soon as I get the call.  Mom's in a brace and high as a kite on Vicodin.  Thank God for better living through chemistry.  Even with my speedy arrival (4-5 hours later)  I can't get the pooch from the Pet Shack Resort in time for the night and so she stayed at the Resort over night.  Normally, the Pet Shack doesn't provide food, but considering the circumstances they took care of Sloops and I told them I'd pick her up in the am.  Sloopy was VERY happy to see friendly, familiar faces in the morning.  But, the best part...the Pet Shack didn't charge me for the overnighter!  Hello!?  Can you say AWESOME customer care?  While I don't live down here or personally have a pooch...I'm recommending the Pet Shack Resort tom EVERYONE in the greater Dayton area.  They Rock!


Sehare Hemani:  The absolute best!  It's always hard to leave your dog ,  It's always hard to leave your dog, but Leslie and her capable team do a great job of taking care of your pet.  I don't know any other place that let's your dog out to relieve itself so often.  My dog is always treated well and I get to see her on the web cam while I'm away! 


Robert Cestelli: I have been using this service for a long period of time and have found the owner treating my pet as she does hers.  She truly cares about this business an I believe the services are priced very fairly.


Deanna Gariety:  Worked here and know it's the best.  In the interest of full disclosure, I have worked here for Leslie.  That being said I know exactly what this place is all about, and I know that you could not leave your pet in better hands then when youn choose the PSR.  Leslie is the owner and she lives on site.  When she is not at the kennel, she is consistently checking the web cams to make sure that everything is going smoothly.  She has a no-nonsense policy when it comes to employees; if you don't treat her clients pets right you're out of there.  She doesn't charge extra for medicating animals, which know some other places do.  She goes to GREAT measures to ensure that the pets are fed and medicated per their owner's instructions; the owners sign off on their medication when they drop off their pet, and the employees must sign each and every time the dog or cat is medicated so nothing is missed.  They let the dogs out FOUR times per day in their own outdoor play yards where they can do their business and sniff other dogs through the fence.  The yards are cleaned twice per day.  The runs are cleaned twice per day as well, and employees refill every pets' bucket with fresh water twice per day.  The pets condition and general well-being are closely watched ; any vomiting or other concerning symptoms are recorded and taken care of accordingly.  Employees arrive very early in the morning so dogs never have to "hold it" for too long.  At the end of the  morning shift, when everyone has been out twice and fed/medicated, Leslie has her employees do one final check to make sure that no one needs more water or to have their run cleaned.  The lights are turned off, and the pups are left for a nap.  About three hours later, the process begins again.  I highly recommend this kennel for your boarding needs.  Leslie relies on repeat customers, so she never hesitates to help you out in any way she can.  Call her up if you have any questions!


Liz Dumler:  I was an employee at the Pet Shack for over three years and now I leave my dog there when I'm on vacation with my parents who still live in Dayton.  The dogs are the owners' and the employee's top priority 100% of the time, if there is ever an incident where an employee speaks or acts in a way that contrdicts this (which seldom ever happens as the owner always hires people that love animals) then they are terminated immediately.  The dogs with medications get special instructions and are double checked by a manager or the owner.  The runs are cleaned and sanitized twice a day and fresh water is provided daily.  If your dog becomes sick during their stay or is just acting weird, the owner is informed and they take immediate action to remedy the situation and the owners are always informed.  since the dogs are let out four times per day, they get one on one interaction with the employees who are able to assess their condition to make sure they're happy and healthy.  You should sleep well on your vacation knowing your dogs are in the hands of the people here! 


Brad Lewin:  There are several places in Dayton that board pets.  However, many of them leave your dogs in the cage the entire time or only let them out to walk on a leash.  Not Pet Shack Resort!  They let the dogs run several times per day in their play areas.  They even have Pet Cams on their website to see the dogs in the play yard.  My kids love to check out what the dogs are doing while we are on vacation (ok, you caught me, I like to do it too.)  Got two dogs like us?  We get adjoining runs so my dogs have twice the space and can "visit" each other at any time.  Additionally, we've had to have them do medications with our dogs, and they have done exactly what we asked them to do, and had us sign off on how the medications were to be done before we leave on vacation.  Really it is one of the few places we recommend to our friends without reservation.  Speaking of reservations, they also let me pre-book for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) to avoid a last minute panic.  So, I leave standing reservations for my animals for the trips I take every year.  (not that we would ever forget to make reservations to board the dogs right before Christmas--yeah my wife has not forgotten that either :)  Anyway go for it, and tell them Jakeo and Tucker's mom and dad sent you!


Cindy Buckreus:  The Pet Shack is the best!  We have been coming there with our dogs for years.  The dogs look forward to their visits.  Thanks for a great job!  


Connie Ganim:  I don't know if you remember us, my name is Connie Ganim.  Our dog, Milo was one of your first full time day care clients.  He came to you M-F in late 1999 for about 2 years until we moved to Cincinnati.  My husband, John was a resident at Good Samaritan and we used to bring Milo to you when we were at work.  Anyway, I am writing to you because I wanted to share this picture of Milo and our 9 year old daughter napping last night.  He is not so well, having trouble getting around, his eyesight and hearing are poor and each day we have him from here on is truly a gift.  You were always so kind to him and so I wanted to let you know he has lived a long, full life and was very loved by our four children.  He will be 13 in November.  We have really enjoyed him.

Warmest Regards, Connie Ganim


Patti Dean:  I wanted to let everyone know just how great Pet Shack Resort is.  I have 3 Labrador Retrievers, Douglas, Madison, and Lily.  They have been boarded at Pet Shack exclusively since the first visit.  Usually along with them are my daughters 2 Labs, Ziggy and Sparkle.  We tried a different boarding facility about 6 years ago when the older dogs were 2 years old.  When we picked them up, they were nervous and had contracted kennel cough even though they had been vaccinated.  We found Pet Shack and have never looked back.  All the dogs are happy and excited when we come through the door.  When we pick them up they are bathed and smelling wonderful, their nails are trimmed for us, all toys are washed and, most importantly, the dogs are happy and relaxed.  The check in process is a breeze and I take a trip confidant that when I pick up my family, they will have been taken care of and treated with loving attention.  Thanks SO much to all your staff and to you for operating a kennel that is nothing but the best! 


Lauren MacDonald:  Our spoiled Cocker Spaniel Oreohas been going to the Pet Shack Resort for her whole life.  She is always cared for and everyone always greets her by name.  The Pet Shack Resort has a "down time" that allows pets quiet time between 12-4 o'clock.  It causes less stress on the pets that are in a different environment.  EVERYONE I have ever dealt with at PSR is friendly, kind and caring!  Oreo is truly spoiled rotten by us, but when we leave her there she is just as doted on!  We love the care she is given and it gives us peace of mind when we go away without her!


Rick and Barb:  Outstanding caring staff!  We've been taking our girls, Marie the husky and Maggie, our beloved miniature schnauzer, to the Pet Shack Resort for over ten years for monthly grooming.  When we lost Maggie in February, 2013, the staff grieved right along with us!  They treat your pets as family!  We're very blessed to have a caring , warm place to take our pets for grooming ans also, for boarding, when the need arises!  


Barb Gerla:  I started taking my dogs to Pet Shack Resort when they offered grooming services.  No one cares more about your pets than Leslie Walker and her team.  We've used their kennel services for our dogs and our cats over the years.  Our pets get played with and receive baths before they come home.  Pet Shack Resort provides great services for reasonable prices.


Bonnie Maschino:  I would recommend Pet Shack Resort to anyone who wants a great place for their dog to stay while they are away.  I am comfortable leaving my dogs with Pet Shack - that says it all. 


Elisa Mattera:  When we moved to the Centerville area in 2001 we had no idea where to board our most loved pet.  After receiving several suggestions from neighbors, friends and family we selected Pet Shack Resort.  We have been with Pet Shack ever since.  When we drop off our dog, she is happy to see all her care givers at Pet Shack, she may rather be home, but she does not get agitated or nervous when we arrive.  I love that my dog gets fresh air time each day and has her own dog run.  My dog comes home well fed, healthy and happy.  They also provide a bath service if you want to have a clean pet!  A happy, clean dog after being away is wonderful!  Leslie is a hands on owner and takes pride and care of her charges.  I wish to thank Leslie and her staff for taking such excellent care of our furry family member and allowing us to go on vacation worry free! 


George and Barb Sontag:  We have been using Pet Shack for many years.  Our dogs are always greeted by name and treated with love.  We would not think of taking our four legged babies any place else.  Leslie and staff are great with both pets and people.  They are the best and we are grateful for the care and services our pets receive.  I am proud to recommend them and do so quite frequently.


Kelly Bliss:  The love and care that my dogs have received over the years from Pet Shack Resort is like no other!  My much loved hound named Blue began attending Doggie Daycare at the Pet Shack Resort in October of 2007 and absolutely loves it.  When I have to board him along with his Shih Tzu sister Brownie...I know they will be played with and loved while I am out of town. 


The Fleming Family:  Just wanted to thank the staff @ Pet Shack Resort for the special care you gave my dog for over the past 11 years.  Your compassionate and caring ways mean a great deal to our family knowing our dog was being treated so well while in your care.  Thank you for being a place where we could leave our dog and trust you with providing quality care.


Sandy Richards:  Thank you for loving our dogs just as we do.  For the last twelve years, your services have extended far beyond the normal expectations of care for Josie and Brewster, our beloved Bichon.  When friends ask who we recommend, we always say Pet Shack Resort!


Dana Barnett:  We love the Pet Shack Resort.  We have been coming to Pet Shack for the last 11 years!  For our dog Bailey, it is home away from home.  Bailey gets so excited when we pull up in the drive.  He can't wait to greet all the dogs and their owners!  March 10, 2012 on a Saturday, we received news that our brother died suddenly at the age of 54.  It was 1 pm.  I called Leslie Walker frantically needing a place to board Bailey.  She was so kind, and said to bring him, and they would take care of him.  Most kennels wouldn't go to that measure.  It was after hours and yet they accommodated our family.  We weren't sure when we would be back in Ohio, yet Leslie told us it wouldn't be a problem.  If you need a place that will truly love your dog like you do-this is the place for you!  Leslie and her staff make sure your dog is well loved during their stay.


Kristen Black:  There are no words to express my gratitude to Leslie and her staff for over 10 years of watching my first "Kid"- Grady (a black Lab).  I am always pleased with the clean facility and knowlegable and caring staff.  Over the years, Grady has had some special needs due to surgeries and they always accommodate his needs.  I would not board him ANYWHERE else!  They treat the dogs like family.  Thank you Leslie and ALL the Pet Shack employees.


Jen Teeters:  When our family goes out of town, our dogs get to hang out at the Pet Shack Resort.  Our 2 dogs are always willing to walk right back to their kennel and seem to enjoy their visits.  We're very confident in the care our dogs receive and the staff is always friendly, professional and caring.  It is nice to know our dogs are well taken care of when we're not home!


CT:  We have been customers of the Pet Shack Resort since moving to Ohio in 2002.  Everyone has always taken great care of our pets.  We even adopted our current dog from the Pet Shack Resort.  Leslie and Mike helped us find a companion for our black lab when our boxer passed.  Our dogs have always been well taken care of while staying at the Resort.


Sue Cobb:  Pet Shack Resort is our Italian Greyhound, Max's home away from home.  They care and love for him like he is their own.  We have left him for short stays, and do to some extenuating circumstances , have had to leave him for an extended period of time as well.  It was so nice to know that he is always in safe hands.  Leslie and her staff always go beyond any expectations.  It is always nice to pick up a very happy guy, knowing he has been well cared for.  Thanks to all the staff at the Pet Shack Resort!


Paul and Lisa Walker:  We board our dog Shadow- a big Standard Poodle- at Pet Shack Resort.  The staff does a great job taking care of him.  We also have Shadow groomed at Pet Shack Resort.  The staff does a great job taking care of him.  We also have Shadow groomed at Pet Shack.  The last time Shadow was groomed, Leslie realized that his ears were inflamed.  She suggested we take Shadow to the vet, the doctor said that because of Leslie taking such great care of Shadow- we would be able to do some medication to prevent Shadow from getting an ear infection.  If we had waited much longer, it would have taken a lot longer for Shadow to feel better.  We appreciate everyone taking care of Shadow at Pet Shack Resort!


Lee Stutzman:  Sky loves Pet Shack.  We visited several kennels before choosing Pet Shack- yours was the best and we have been customers ever since.  Your staff is great and really seems to care for Sky.  We feel confident when we leave her with you.


Mike Larson:  We have used Pet Shack Resort for seven years.  We wouldn't dream of taking Buddy anywhere else.  He loves going on his vacation to the Pet Shack.  In fact we have to be careful around him.  Whenever we say the word "shack" he thinks he is going to the Pet Shack and he starts jumping and running towards the front door.  The Pet Shack does a great job taking care of Buddy and he always smells great after they give him a bath before he comes home.  


Susan Burleson:  Our dog, Jeb, has stayed at the Pet Shack Resort many times and has loved it!  He is treated just like a member of the family while he stays.  The staff has always taken excellent care of him.  We know he has played a lot when we get him home and all he does is sleep because he is worn out!  We have been very happy with the Pet Shack Resort and so has Jeb!


Chris Staup:  Leslie and the staff at Pet Shack have always made me feel welcome and sincerely have a genuine concern for my dogs whether at their facility or simply sharing stories of my pets at home.  I have the ultimate faith that they will treat my pets as well as I treat them myself.


Rob and Ane' Shull:  We have been doing business with the Pet Shack Resort for over 7 years now and we have been very pleased with the standard of care they have provided our dogs.  To top it all off, they have expanded their weekend hours - which makes it easier on our wallet, and for our furry family member.  One instance that I would like to share is when our Rottweiler fell ill while we were away (unexpected and undetected bone cancer).  Mike and Leslie immediately contacted us, filled us in with all the pertinent information, and took her to our vet for treatment.  They treated our family member like she was one of their very own.  We will forever be grateful for their quick thinking and caring attitude.  We have lived all over the world and I can assure you that the Pet Shack Resort will exceed all of your expectations. 


Tina Strouble:  I have been boarding my dogs at The Pet Shack Resort for 4 years.  There isn't a better place to kennel your pets.  Leslie Walker and her loving team take care of animals the way responsible pet owners want.  If you are looking for the best home "away from home", then this is the place for you and your pet.  I never worry about my pets at The Pet Shack Resort...but if I did, there are web cams you can view online.  And I don't know another kennel that takes your pet out to relieve itself on natural footing four times per day!Thank you, Leslie and The Pet Shack Resort! 


B:  Our doggies have been going to Pet Shack Resort since Leslie took over in 1998.  The dogs are always happy when we pick them up; no digestive issues and they are in good spirits.  Leslie and her crew take good care of them.  We especially like the personal time that our current dog gets when she stays.  We've recommended PSR to all of our friends.  We especially like the extended hours for pick up and drop off! 


Sandy:  I just want to let pet owners know that I highly recommend Pet Shack Resort if you need to board your pet.  Our dog is "part human", picky and very uncomfortable any where except home.  We have been taking her to the Pet Shack Resort whenever we are out of town for years now and it is the only place that she seems comfortable and relaxed.  She is always so well taken care of and happily goes in to see her friends both human and fluffy!  The staff is always so friendly and efficient.  Our dog comes home bathed and refreshed.  The facility is clean and well-kept.  I always recommend Pet Shack to all of my friends and anyone I know who needs boarding services or grooming services for their pets!


Jim Lorz:  "A dog's tail never lies"  I love what you and your staff do because Baxter loves what you and your staff do.  "Thank you" seems so inadequate, but it's the best I have!  I hope you and your staff are always there for us.


Dana H:  Our family has depended on Pet Shack for many years.  The staff is always excited to see our crazy dog!  It's refreshing to know that she is being cared for by people who truly love dogs.  In fact, when our dog passed away, Leslie called me personally to express her sadness.  We couldn't ask for a more convenient location or better pet care during our time away from home.


Cara P:  We have had both our dogs board at Pet Shack on several occasions and have always had a very good experience with both drop off and pick up.  The staff at Pet Shack has always been very professional and we know our pets are in good care.  Thanks Pet Shack!


Linda Roepken:  Whenever we go away from home, we leave our dear Rocky with the gang at the Pet Shack.  Rocky loves going to "camp" and we feel good about leaving him with people we trust will take excellent care of him.  We know Rocky will be well cared for and safe, which makes being away from him easier.  We would recommend the shack to anyone.


Nate S:  I have been taking my dog Jake to Pet Shack Resort for years, and he (and I) couldn't be happier.  Jake loves it there and is actually always excited to get out of the car and see his friends.  The staff are exactly the kind of dog lovers you would want taking care of your pet, and they treat your dog like one of their own!  Efficient, accommodating, friendly and now open on Sundays!


Melissa Barrick and Shawn Monnin:  When I found out I had to leave my dogs for several weeks to look for a new home out of state.  I didn't take the decision of where to kennel them lightly.  I did lots of research of places online and took recommendations from friends.  I finally came across Pet Shack Resort.  We visited the kennel and I immediately felt that this was the place.  A friend of mine would frequently visit my babies and they always looked happy in the pics she would send me.  That made me feel good about my decision of where to place them.  Unfortunately, one of my babies got sick and had to be taken to the vet.  I was notified immediately and was able to get her started on treatment right away.  Thanks to everyone looking out for her, she is doing fine.  I can't thank the owner and the staff at Pet Shack Resort enough for the care and attention they gave to my babies daily.  If I am ever asked about a great kennel in the area I will highly recommend the Pet Shack Resort.  Thanks again.


Chris Schultz:  Our sweet Nala died today after 14 years of a very precious life.  I want to thank you for all of the years that you took such good care of her.  She loved staying with you and that gave us great comfort when we could no longer take her to the lake with us.  Words cannot express how much it meant to us that Nala was so loved by your staff and we will never forget.  We would be proud for you to use this note as a referral.


RSheridan:  Highly recommend Pet Shack Resort!  We have used them for short stays and long (11 days ) stays for our dog.  She absolutely loves to go there!  She runs into the reception area, greets everyone, and waits by the door to go to the back.  She is always happy and worn out when we pick her up!  Leslie and her staff are wonderful and you can tell they love the animals that are in their care.


Jennifer Mart Suber:  Great place!  The owner is a generous person who helps dogs in SO many ways, even works with rescues and shelters from time to time.  The staff there is super sweet and kind whenever I stop by.  I highly recommend the place! :-)


Jeff Connor:  We boarded our dog at the Pet Shack Resort for about 10 days while visiting the area from out of state.  We felt lucky to have found such a good place.  Leslie, Jerrod and the staff were all great to deal with.  Our dog loved it there too.  We would pick him up for some play time at a great dog park nearby.  When we returned him to Pet Shack, he was excited to go back in.  Good Sign!  We highly recommend Pet Shack Resort.


Robyn Humes Nelson:  My dog Sophie stayed at the Pet Shack Resort for 8 days while I was on vacation.  They took such good care of her and I would absolutely bring her back again!


Ken Burgess:  Well, I found the right place for my Velvet if she can't come with me.


Miranda Hall:  I bring my two huskies in every year from NYC to stay with Leslie and the Pet Shack Resort team.  It is such a great relief to know they are taken care of, happy, healthy and while I'm visitning family.  One year, I got a call from Leslie:  "If you can get to a computer, check out our live cameras.  Kenji is out there having a blast in the snow!" AND HE WAS!!  It was adorable and so thoughtful of her to call me to see him.  Thanks again guys!!  See you in 2015!


Mary Heim:  This was the first time we had to leave our Sam since we got him, so we really wanted to find a spot he'd feel comfortable.  The Pet Shack Resort was very accommodating and it was so nice seeing the photos of him playing and seeing him on the webcam!  Thanks so much!


Kristina Buschor:  It's truly an honor to work here.  I can see how much each of us workers love dogs and animals in general.  We treat your pets as if they are our own!!


​Hi - thanks for taking such good care of our girls, Slammer and Snickers!!  This is the first time we've boarded the dogs that they didn't come home with a cough, a sore or two, or some sort of mental anguish issue!!  :)  They both had baths, and I cannot believe Snick is STILL shiny clean.  The first night we had her home, she slid off the bed because she was so silky!  She wasn't hurt, just a little embarrassed!  Anyhow, can you share what type of shampoo you guys used on her?  I might not be able to duplicate the results totally, but if I had a starting point of what type to buy, I'd try it.  
Again, thanks so much!
Cindy Burgess


Just made another reservation! Thanks for always taking such good care of my Axel. He loves going to Pet Shack and we feel good about leaving him with you all. With such a crazy summer schedule, we are so happy we've found a place that can give him the attention he needs when we are out of town. Thanks again and see you soon!  Kristin Gehret


​I knew from the moment I stepped in that I had made a great decision on where I was placing Zoey. (I have never left Zoey for more than a day or two at a kennel so I think I was more nervous than her). Your staff was friendly from the start, making sure that she was comfortable before they took her back. I think the whole week I was gone I checked your page here on Facebook for her and wasn't disappointed to see her dog smile and you giving her belly rubs, which I see she suckered everyone into doing! The pictures are such a nice touch and really put my mind at ease. I was even more pleased to see how happy she was and how she said goodbye to the girl at the door! We will not only board here again but recommend Pet Shack Resort to all our other pet parents! Thank you so much for taking such good care of not only my furry best friend but my family while I was away, I truly appreciate all your kindness to her!  Doreen Curtsinger



We have been using Pet Shack Resort for our Scotties for over a dozen years now (and brought them there for grooming when that was available), and now that I have a Scottie and TWO male Chow Chows (who are notoriously either indifferent to, or distrustful of, strangers... and therefore can pose difficulties when it comes to taking them in and out), I still bring them to Leslie. She and her staff understand the challenges of the Chow breed, and paid attention to my hint that the Chows would likely just follow the Scottie when it was time to go out to potty and then come back in. They were even able to give the 10 month old Chow puppy a bath. (I didn't ask them to bathe the 90-lb adult Chow who hates water, though!) They really do care lovingly for the dogs they are entrusted with, and they understand the concerns of nervous traveling doggie moms.  Lora Whetheril Williams


I had never had to board my dog before, but when a family death occurred and I was new to the area, I was so glad to find Leslie and the PetShack resort... I was so nervous to have to leave my dearest Holly, but was so grateful to have such compassionate care for her last minute. When I came to get my pup, I knew it was a good place when Holly not only ran around crazy excited to see me, but also ran to see Leslie and the other staff member as well! I feel safe leaving Holly here in the future, if I ever need to again! Highly recommend... dog lovers caring for your loved pets!  Lisa Westhoff



This resort is the best. We left our 2 furry kids there for a week, when we got home to pick them up they were nice and clean, but anxious to see us. Leslie took very good care of them and made sure they were fed and received their treats. We plan to leave them again in June. I cant say enough about this resort, and that Leslie is a very caring person.  Lavonne Burke Jeffers


Having just moved to the area and knowing that we had a long trip planned, I was very nervous about leaving our fur baby in a new place. When I picked Frankie up after 20 days, he was his usual happy self and you could just tell that he had been loved well while we were gone. We now have a new 2nd home for Frankie when we have to travel without him. Thank you!!!! Kathy Duncan


Our dogs, Molly & Sammie loved going to Pet Shack resort when we lived in Ohio. It was really nice to be able to leave town and know they were okay. We also loved seeing pictures of them on Facebook while we were gone.  Candace Julian


We have used Pet Shack Resort several times and have been very pleased with them. We love being able to see pictures of our two dogs while we are away. They do a great job of taking care of our babies.  Robin Hornback


Elvis loves The Pet Shack and so do we! The staff is friendly, the facility is clean, and it's right down the street!   Elizabeth Stoneberger Rothery


Love boarding our dog here! Also really appreciate seeing pictures of her on this page when she comes to stay  Heather Steinman


Cathy Petruska Fox reviewed Pet Shack Resort — 5 star

June 25, 2016 · 

We had an awesome experience with Pet Shack Resort! Our Bella stayed for 7 days, and that's the longest she has ever been away from us. We were able to watch her anytime we wanted with the resort's web cam availability. Not only that, but the staff played with her, and posted her picture to their FB page! So now she's a celebriety!
When we picked her up She was happy and smelled and looked great! Thank you so much to all the staff for treating Bella as if she was their own! We'll be back!!



Cindy Burgess reviewed Pet Shack Resort — 5 star

August 17, 2016 · 

We don't travel often, but when we have boarded our two dogs in the past, they've always returned with some sort of cough, scratches, rashes, or just plain mental anguish. The Pet Shack took such great care of the girls that they came home happy and healthy and shiny from their baths! We are so happy to recommend them whole-heartedly!


Jennifer Harrington reviewed Pet Shack Resort — 5 star

December 27, 2016 · 

We love Pet Shack!! Leslie genuinely cares for our Oliver. She is very responsive, and works very hard to ensure that all special instructions are carried out for your pet.


Lori Moses Howard reviewed Pet Shack Resort — 5 star

January 14 · 

I cannot say enough about Leslie and her team. She goes above and beyond every time to make sure your pet is taken care of just as her own! We will not trust anyone else with our family pet.


Susan Cotten reviewed Pet Shack Resort — 5 star

June 8, 2016 · 

We LOVE the Pet Shack Resort! Leslie and her team are fantastic--very responsive, caring, and all-around professional. The webcams let us check in on what's happening while we're away, and it's very clear from the daily photos posted that the dogs are having a GREAT time. Lots of play time is included--Shadow was exhausted when we got home after this last trip and slept soundly even while we were still up and about. He has stayed at his "hotel" for a weekend and a full week, and we will definitely call again in the future! An easy 5 stars!





Stay tuned!  There are many, many more of these!  I will continue to post them as I can!  Meantime, check out our Facebook Page for pictures and comments there!  You will enjoy it.  We post pictures of clients pets frequently on our Facebook Page!  Check it Out!





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