Boarding/Day Boarding Agreement


Hello and Welcome to Pet Shack Resort!


Please Fax an update for your pets’ vaccines if they have received any new vaccines since their last visit to 937-262-4268 or email directly to your portal at Please be sure these are sent to us BEFORE your arrival.  You can go to your portal at any time to check to make sure your vaccines are current and that your credit card on file is up to date.


Dogs must be current for Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Bordetella (Bordetella must be given at least one week but less than one year before check-in).  BEFORE making a reservation request, check that all of your dogs vaccines are up to date in our system.  You can do this by looking in your portal.


Please go to your owner portal to make sure you have electronically signed your agreements BEFORE you arrive and that you have paid your deposit(s). If no deposit is paid, a run is NOT being held for your pet.  Once the deposit is paid, a run will then be assigned to your dog.  A credit card MUST be kept on file to pay your deposits.  Please check that you have a current card on file BEFORE  you make your reservation request.  You will always have the option to use a different card at checkout for the balance.  Peak Period Reservations Require a cancellation more than 7 days prior to check in to receive a Refund of Deposit as a Store Credit. This includes shortening of dates. During Peak Periods Once Your Pet is Checked in you are Responsible to Pay for all Dates Reserved Even if You Return Early.


Please check your portal to make sure your feeding and medication schedules are correct for your pet.  We feed twice daily so please split your dog's total daily food between breakfast and dinner.  If you have a puppy or a dog that MUST have three meals a day for medical purposes we are willing to accommodate their needs.  Please bring your pet's food to avoid food change diarrhea. 

There is a $12 per day fee for dogs requiring medication outside of regular working hours.  (Regular meaning 7am-12 and 3pm-6:00pm) Working hours are times we are working in the kennel but not necessarily open for business.  Business hours are 9-11 and 4-6 7 days a week with few exceptions throughout the year.

There is a three-night minimum charge and deposit for Thanksgiving Break, Christmas through New Year’s Break, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend and Spring Break (Spring Break Weeks Vary Year to Year). Cancellations less than 7 days before check-in will forfeit the deposit.

There is a 3 night minimum with a 3 night deposit for any reservation made between June 10 and August 10 will have a deposit refundable up to 7 days before check in as a Store Credit.  If you cancel or shorten your dates 7 days or less before your scheduled check in date, you will lose your deposit.  (This is how we are able to keep costs paid year round.  We make most of our income during peak periods and it must support us the rest of the year.)

Once checked in, you must pay for all days reserved even if you return early.

Non-Peak Period Boarding and Day boarding Visits Require a single deposit refundable as a store credit up to 24 hours before the reservation.>

When checking in, please leave your pet in your vehicle until you have completed check in.  You can then bring in your pet and we can help you with food and luggage to make your check in process smoother!


Current pricing $40/night Checkout after 12pm pays another night (just like a human hotel)


Day Boarding $40/day. (Day Boarding unavailable during peak periods)

Pet Shack Resort is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items. Destroyed cots will be a charge of $100 per cot. 

This is a contract between The Pet Shack Resort and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter called pet owner).  Owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect on the day the pet is checked into the resort.  The Pet Shack Resort shall exercise reasonable care for the pet delivered by owner to the resort for boarding.  It is expressly agreed by the owner and The Pet Shack Resort that the resort's liability shall in no event exceed the lesser of the current chattel value of a pet of the same species or the sum of $200 per animal boarded.  The owner further agrees to be solely responsible for all acts or behavior of said pet while it is boarded at the resort and understands the owner is responsible for all damages incurred due to pet's behavior while at the Pet Shack Resort.  Owner specifically represents to the resort that the pet has not been exposed to Rabies or Distemper within 30 days prior to boarding and that the pet is current on all vaccines including Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Bordetella.  All charges by owner shall be payable upon pickup of pet.  If the pet becomes ill or if the state of the pet's health otherwise indicates professional attention is required, the resort in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian or administer medicine or other requisite attention to the animal, and the expenses thereof shall be paid by the owner.  This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties.  All terms and conditions of this contract shall be binding on the heirs, administrator, personal representatives and assigns of the owner and The Pet Shack Resort.  Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Pet Care Association and judgment upon the award rendered by an arbitrator may be entered into any court having jurisdiction thereof.  The arbitrator shall, as part of this award, determine and award to the prevailing party or the cost of such arbitration and reasonable attorney fees of the prevailing party.

Current pricing $40/night.  Checkout after 12pm pays another night (just like a human hotel)

Day Boarding $40/day.  (Day Boarding unavailable during peak periods)

Dogs must be current for Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus and Bordetella (Bordetella must be given at least one week but less than one year before check-in.