We Let the dogs out!

**A note about our hours:  Our hours are set to provide the most stress free environment we can for your dog.  If we are open 12 hours a day, your dog will be up and barking 12 hours a day.  Each time a dog checks in or out and each tour that comes through the hotel causes the dogs to be alerted and bark.  We want to keep the dogs stress down.  Your dog likely sleeps a good part of their day at home.  We cannot duplicate your home.  We can however properly feed your pet, properly exercise your pet, love your pet and keep your pets room clean.  This is also why we do not mix dogs from different owners.  I want your pet safe!  I will not allow this facility to become like a big box facility.  It is not doing your pet justice.  Thank you-Leslie

Bath, Brush and Nails

We are known to give great dog baths!  We can usually get you in the same or the next day with proof of vaccination!

‚ÄčNails can be cut or dremeled. 



Need a place to leave your dog while you are at work?  Out running errands, having your carpet cleaned, painting or having repairs done to your home and don't want to worry about your dog?  Bring them in to Dayboarding.  They will get a whole day of fun and you will get freed up to do what you need to do!  Drop off as early as 8 am and pick up between 4-6 pm!



At the Pet Shack Resort, we are dedicated to the enjoyment and safety of our animal guests.  Each dog has its own large run with a Petcot.  

Runs and Petcots are disinfected twice daily.  Dogs start out their day with a trip to one of our 14 fenced in play areas for some exercise, fun, and a restroom break.  Runs are disinfected and dried while our guests are out enjoying themselves.  After everyone has had a turn out, guess what?  They go out again!  Breakfast is then fed, medications are given, cookies are served to all of our guests and they settle in for some quiet time while listening to music.

In the late afternoon, the process begins again.  Everyone gets dinner, medications if needed and two more trips out to play.  What a full day!