We Let the dogs out!

We Now Require a Deposit for Each Peak Period Reservation.  Our new Software will not Support Carrying Over the Deposit.

Reservations shortened or cancelled less than 7 days before check in during peak periods will forfeit their deposit.

Once your pet is checked in, you are responsible to pay for all days reserved even if you return early.  We have to keep your dog's run open for your dog and it is difficut to book a run to another dog last minute.

​Thank you!

Click BELOW to Go to Your Client Portal or To Register for an Account on Our New Software!  Use this link whether you are a new client or current client.  All reservations will now go through your owner portal! 

​Please note if you are a current customer and have not made a reservation through the portal as of yet, YOU WILL BE REGISTERING THROUGH THE PORTAL AS THOUGH YOU ARE NEW and then requesting your reservation.  We are doing this so we have a nice, clean database with all current info.  Please have your vaccine records faxed to 937-262-4268 or you can upload the files through your new owner portal.

​Thank you