Thank you for your interest in working at Pet Shack Resort!

Following is information regarding your employment.  By filling out this application you are stating you have read this information and wish to seek employment at Pet Shack Resort

I require scrubs (navy, black, hunter green) to be worn by all employees.

I am also require slip resistant shoes.  These can be purchased at most shoe stores for a reasonable cost.

Tattoos, nose rings, etc.:  No nose rings, lip rings, etc.  Tattoos should be covered at all times.  Hair should be of a color that normal hair grows.

There is no smoking on the property.

Work is until done.  Due to not knowing what services our clients will request, I cannot give you a specific time your shift ends.  Therefore it is best to not make plans for the days you work to meet friends, etc at a certain time.

Vacations/Time Off:  One vacation per year is allowed.  Black out dates for vacations are Memorial Day Weekend, the 1st week of July, Labor Day Weekend, Fall Break, The week of Thanksgiving, The two weeks of Winter/Christmas Break and  Spring Break.  Everyone will be expected to work a shift on the actual holiday. These are the times we are the most busy. Other days and times can be requested.  I will honor those times if I can.  Please request at least two weeks in advance.  Illness:  If you are ill, you need to find someone to work your shift for you.  If you are a person who runs front desk, you need to find someone else who runs front desk to work for you.  The best time to do this is not at 6am for a 7 am shift.  If you are feeling ill the night or day before, get someone then.  It will be difficult if not impossible to find someone at 6 am. If you get ill in the middle of the night, please call or text me so I can alert the others they will likely be short handed.  If someone asks you to work for them, please consider doing so since the time will likely come that you will need someone to work for you.  A no call, no show will be considered quitting.  This is a very rude thing to do to your co-workers so please be cuteous enough to give two weeks notice.  
If you are under 18, please have your parent read this information before you apply since this job may affect your family's ability to travel over holidays and other peak periods.

Cell Phones are to be put in the cell phone basket upon arrival and are to be left in the basket until clocked out.

We Let the dogs out!