Owner Lives On Property

Huge 6'x11' and 6'x6' Runs

Open 7 Days Per Week!

Dogs Go Out 4 Times Per Day!

10-15% Multi-Pet Discount

Heated and Air Conditioned

 20 years in business!

A lifetime of experience!

Best Darn Dog Baths in Town!


Dogs Go Out Four Times Per Day!

Dog Boarding 

Since 1998

We Let the dogs out!

All calls and text messages to 937-885-7171 go to the kennel phone, my home office phone and my cell.  We do our best to get back with you quickly both day and night.  Your furry family member is of utmost importance to us!  We appreciate your trust in our caring for their needs.  If you do get voicemail, please be sure to leave a message!  We are likely caring for the guests currently staying with us or we are helping another client!  Thank you!  -Leslie

One on One Attention Times Available!

**A note about our hours:  Our hours are set to provide the most stress free environment we can for your dog.  If we are open 12 hours a day, your dog will be up and barking 12 hours a day.  Each time a dog checks in or out and each tour that comes through the hotel causes the dogs to be alerted and bark.  We want to keep the dogs stress down.  Your dog likely sleeps a good part of their day at home.  We cannot duplicate your home.  We can however properly feed your pet, properly exercise your pet, love your pet and keep your pets room clean. This is also why we do not mix dogs from different owners.  I want your dog safe! I will not allow this facility to become like a big box facility.  It is not doing your pet justice.  Thank you-Leslie